Business financing

Obtain tailor-made financing that complements conventional loans.

Equity financing

  • Investment horizon: 5 to 10 years

Unsecured loan

  • No collateral
  • Competitive risk-based interest rate
  • Customized terms


Patient capital

  • Regardless of the challenges encountered along the way, the Fonds is there for its partner companies because we take the long-term view.
  • This approach results in an unusually close business relationship.

Sector expertise

More than 50 investment professionals with expertise in 25 activity sectors.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Partner companies can count on the support of more than 30 professionals trained in market analysis, legal matters, taxation, labour relations, due diligence and asset investments.

Québec's largest purveyor of development capital

  • Net assets of $17.2 billion
  • $1100 million invested in Québec economy
  • More than 3,400 companies financed

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